Small Business Revolution - Amesbury

The Small Business Revolution story continues for Amesbury! We are so excited that we have gone from being in the Top 20 to now being in the Top 10 towns who may be featured in Season 3 of Small Business Revolution – Main Street. We’ll keep everyone updated on what’s happening through the blog and our Facebook page!

How Can You Help?

Share photos and stories about what you love about Amesbury on social media! Use hashtag #MyAmesbury in your posts.

Small Business Revolution Timeline

Starting in early January, the Small Business Revolution team will visit each of the Top 10 towns for one day each. They’ll start on the west coast and work their way east. On January 24th we will host a public reception offering you the chance to welcome the Deluxe Team. Please join us at Stage Two Cinema Pub from 5-7pm. On January 25th we will be touring the downtown area, be sure to wave us down and say hello. Follow us on Facebook for the most recent details!

Small Business Revolution - What's Next

What’s At Stake for Amesbury?

Deluxe created the Small Business Revolution as a way to help small businesses grow and thrive, which in turns helps grow local economies. They’ve talked with small business owners from across the country about what struggles they face, and they’ve shared some amazing stories, check those out here.

What does this mean for Amesbury? If we’re chosen as the featured town for Season 3, then the Small Business Revolution team would come to our town, work with our businesses and help grow our economy. They bring $500,000 and work with 6 small businesses to help with business plans, accounting, facelifts… whatever they need to succeed. It would be an incredible opportunity for Amesbury. We have amazing businesses here, but we all know that some of them could really use some help in order to take the next step with their business, or even to just keep the doors open.

Want to know more about the Small Business Revolution? Watch Season 1 and Season 2, and keep your fingers crossed that we’ll be on Season 3!