DATE: 12-20-2019
CONTACT: Phil DeCologero
Amesbury Chamber of Commerce and Industrial Foundation
5 Market Square
Amesbury, MA 01913
[email protected]




AMESBURY – Surrounded by family, friends, and clients, Michelle Baker’s beaming smile grew only wider as she was joined by the Amesbury Chamber of Commerce and excitedly cut the ribbon at the new home of her business, Dynamic Balance.


“I couldn’t take this next step without the support of this amazing community,” said Baker. “It’s because of their faith in my services that I am taking this next step with Dynamic Balance.”


Dynamic Balance utilizes touch therapy that works with reflexology, craniosacral therapy, and Ayurvedic treatments to repair and align the body’s energetic systems. With many of her clients dealing with issues ranging from ADD/ADHD diagnoses, insomnia, and PTSD, Baker helps them identify non pharmaceutical solutions that provide for both physical and mental healing.


“Attention Deficit and Hyperactivity Disorders tend to be over-diagnosed,” explained Baker. “While they are legitimate diagnoses, the causes are complex and can vary. Many times, the causes can be as simple as lack of activity, lack of sleep, or poor diets. Dynamic Balance asses brain mapping to help individuals better understand their symptoms and identify solutions towards addressing them. All the while we are working with clients to develop coping strategies.”


While not opposed to pharmaceuticals, Baker views her mission as to help and empower people to heal their bodies and mind without immediately turning to medications.


“There are times when medications are necessary, but those same medications can also carry serious side effects,” said Baker. “For many of my clients who are experiencing depression or PTSD, my treatment supplements the medical treatment they are also receiving.”


Baker’s commitment to providing the best care for her clients is what prompted her to expand to her new space at 26 Millyard in Amesbury. She added other professionals to her suite, including an on-site dietician, which represent an exciting new chapter in the journey Baker first began in 1996.


“I was originally in Andover where I operated as a personal trainer focused on therapeutic exercise,” explained Baker. “I liked that I could help people in a meaningful way, while still having the flexibility in my schedule that being a trainer provided.”


Baker used that flexibility to continue educating herself so she could better help her clients. She became a message therapist in 2004, and in 2011 moved up to Amesbury. Today she continues to expand – both her business and her background.


“I am working towards my graduate degree in psychology at Harvard University Extension School,” said Baker. “I am trying to combine energetic medicine with the science of neurotherapy to help heal people both in their cellular emotional memory.”


As a single-mother raising her 11-year old in Amesbury, it should come as no surprise that Baker finds it especially rewarding to support children in their development.


“After almost three decades of working with people, I’ve found many of their bodily and mental obstacles stem from childhood,” explained Baker. “I love every one of my clients, but working with children provides a tremendous value to me both personally and professionally as I support the growth of young people.”


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