Established in 1828, The Provident Bank is the 10th oldest bank in the country and has offices in Massachusetts and New Hampshire. We began as an Amesbury bank, and we’re proud of our growth and the communities we’ve become a part of. Our focus is primarily on commercial and Private banking, and we are committed to strengthening the economic development of the regions we serve. 

(L to R) President & Chief Lending Officer Charles F. Withee; Executive Vice President, Chief Administrative Officer, Anne Lapointe; CEO David P. Mansfield; and Executive Vice President, CFO Carol L. Houle

If you’re a business looking to grow, talk to us about getting a loan to help you move into a bigger space, hire more employees or buy more product. We also do niche lending in the areas of renewable energy, mergers and acquisitions, and international banking. When your company lends with us, you don’t just have a lender, you have an entire team here to help you.

We believe that our bank is a unique mix of small and large. In one sense, we’re a small, niche-focused bank with the agility to give our small-to-medium sized business customers an extremely personal and tailored experience. On the other hand, we have innovative technology and a deeply experienced niche-focused lending team that can provide clients with all the services offered by bigger banks. It’s like the best of both worlds. Our growing team work hard to find solutions for our commercial clients, no matter how complex the issue may be.

Why Do Business With The Provident Bank?

When you do business at The Provident Bank, you’re working with real people who live in this community, give back to this community, and patronize local businesses, including many of our customers.

We are committed to giving back to the community (and Amesbury) in lots of different ways. Giving back has been part of our fabric for as long as anyone here can remember.

  • Our long-standing program of Our Community, Your E-Vote allows community members to decide which organizations need help the most. In the last year, that fund was increased from $30,000 to $50,000!
  • We’ve empowered our branch managers (who know their own communities the best) to give funds to local organizations. Because we started as an Amesbury Bank, we created an additional giving fund called the “Amesbury Fund” specifically to give more to our hometown charitable organizations to honor our heritage. The Amesbury Fund is managed by a small group of employees, directors and corporators; all of them involved and committed Amesbury citizens.
  • For the next two years, we’re going focusing our Leadership Giving campaign toward promoting economic development. Our leadership team will be partnering with community colleges and various government agencies engaged in helping to educate businesses on how to export goods internationally
  • Here in Amesbury, we’ve been the lead sponsors for the Fireball Run, the Harvest Fair & Country Music Festival and have committed to be the Headline sponsor of Amesbury’s 350th Anniversary year-long celebration. Our employees also serve on a variety of community-oriented committees, and cumulatively we volunteer for hundreds of hours every year with various non-profit organizations.

We’re Proud To Be An Amesbury Bank

Amesbury is a special place that we call home. We love its rich history, its tight-knit community set apart by a strong group of people who really care about making Amesbury a better place. We’re proud to be a member of the Amesbury Chamber because of the benefits that the Chamber provides to our local businesses and to our residents. As a company that began in Amesbury, we’re excited to see the growth in our City. We believe in the power of the Chamber!