Help Spread the Word about Small Business Revolution, and Amesbury in the Top 5

We did it!! We’ve made it into the Top 5 for Small Business Revolution. Now we really need to get to work. For the next 7 days, we need to get as many people as possible to vote for Amesbury in order to win our spot on Season 3. Read on to see how you can help!

  1. Vote every day with every email address you have on Note that you’ll need to use multiple devices, or clear your cookies/cache (done in your browser settings) to vote multiple times on the same device.
  2. Share on all of your social platforms and ask your friends, family, colleagues and customers to vote. See the images below for each platform!
  3. If you have an email list, send out a call to vote (more than once, if you can!). See the text below that you can copy/paste.
  4. Post every day on social media with reminders to vote!


Email Text

Amesbury Needs Your Votes to Win Season 3 of Small Business Revolution!

Amesbury has made it to the Top 5 in the running to be featured on Season 3 of Small Business Revolution! What does that mean for us? If chosen, Amesbury would get small business help worth up to $500,000!

Help out by voting every day between now and February 20th. Vote every day, with every email address you have.


This is a nationwide vote, and the winner is determined solely by how many votes the town gets, so let’s get out the vote for Amesbury! Share with your friends and family, and let’s bring Small Business Revolution back to our town!

Keep posting on social media using the hashtag #MyAmesbury and #SmallBusinessRevolution, and follow the Amesbury Chamber of Commerce on Facebook to follow along with updates and news!

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