Phat Cats Bistro

Paul Eastman & Christina Johnson
Paul Eastman & Christina JohnsonOwners & Chefs

“Our success is thanks to our great staff, patrons who support us, and being owner and chef operated”

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Started Business In: 2007

We opened Phat Cats Bistro in November of 2007. We feel there are three large reasons for our success. The first being we are owner and chef operated. This means that there are two owners constantly present, consistently bringing their experience into the business and maintaining the highest quality of production and service.

Second, we have been very fortunate to have found great staff who work very hard and have the businesses best interest in mind.

Third, and most important are the patrons who have supported us over the years. We are realistic in knowing, not every night is perfect or every experience amazing though our guests have continued with us for their great experiences and forgiven us for our shortcomings.

We liked the look and feel of Amesbury and the densely populated neighborhood where the restaurant is located.  Amesbury is such a great location, close to the seacoast, not too far from Boston and bordering many other great communities. As a restaurant we are surrounded by wonderful farms, some of which supply us with product year round.
Some advantages of doing business in Amesbury is the town offices are very business friendly and are helpful in overcoming obstacles. Also, the community has a very supportive vibe. This supportive vibe is apparent with community events such as Amesbury Days and the Block Party along with many successful fundraising events
I feel it is important to live in the community you do business in and enjoy vacations.