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Nunan Florist & Greenhouses
Nunan Florist & Greenhouses
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Started Business In: 1917

Nunan’s started in 1917 and was purchased in 1985 by Steve Flynn Sr and his business partner Bill Guerrini. In 2009 Steve Sr and son Steve Jr bought out Bill. Since 1985 we have grown to become one of the top 50 Garden Centers in the country. With over 80,000 square feet in greenhouse production area, we are considered one of the top greenhouse growers in New England. We offer a full-service garden center, landscape services, a florist shop, as well as Interior landscape and plant rental. If you stop by Nunan’s you will also be treated to a Cafe, mini golf and ice cream making us a worthwhile destination.

Our family resides in many of the Northshore communities, and we enjoy the rural feel (lots of outdoor gardens and unique landscaping opportunities), and the great sense of community from the residents. Being able to share our passion with our fellow community members makes it all worth it.

We provide the city of Amesbury, as well as many other towns and cities on the Northshore with the hanging baskets for their beautiful downtown areas. There are not many towns that still have unique downtown areas that bring the community together and continue to help grow that culture and its businesses. The outdoors and plants bring smiles to faces and we are happy to share that with Amesbury.

Most important love where you live and work. Be part of the community, support the people that surround you and in turn they will support you. Helping people enjoy the things closest to them is very rewarding.

The Chamber helped us by contracting us for the hanging Baskets in downtown Amesbury. They provided us with advertising during the COVID shut down to let people know that we were an essential business to get vegetables and other plants to work outside their homes. The Chamber provides many educational programs for small businesses like ours.