Ristorante Molise

Ristorante Molise
Ristorante Molise

“As in our homes, we use only the freshest ingredients and prepare them with the love and passion we have for our rich culture. When you dine at Ristorante Molise, we want you to feel at home and have an authentic Italian dining experience right in downtown Amesbury” Buon appetito! Ristorante Molise – Where you are treated like family!

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Started Business In: 2005

We can proudly say we are now celebrating 17 years of business in downtown Amesbury. When we began our restaurant adventure our hope was to bring our family’s Italian traditions of a warm and welcoming dining experience to our customers.  We went to work to create a restaurant where our guests would enjoy all the classic Italian flavors made from natural, homemade fresh ingredients like what we grew up on in beautiful Molise Italy. Sharing the most important parts of our heritage with Amesbury is fulfilling and we appreciate our many customers.

Amesbury is one of a few towns close by that still offers a “downtown” with many small businesses for its community to enjoy.  Having a place local that you can walk, enjoy small shops, grab a bite to eat, and see friends is important and added the appeal of feeling like you were home.

The Town of Amesbury offers a sense of belonging that is truly like no other. The town has something for everyone’s needs. You don’t get the feeling that you are competing against the business next door, you are contributing towards building a community of happy customers.

As you move further north the hustle and bustle of a city is not the same.  People like to support local business, they are loyal to the places that the treat them well, offer good service and make them feel welcome. We invite you to enjoy all we’ve learned, by dining with us and experiencing our family heritage through the food we serve and the atmosphere we have created.

We could go on forever about the Amesbury Chamber! They have a great ‘team’ mentality and have helped us to partner with so many neighboring businesses. It has been a great marketing channel for us, a super learning experience too. It can feel like you’re on an island when you’re running a business sometimes, but the Chamber keeps us surrounded by supportive professionals and has provided endless opportunities. Thank you Amesbury Chamber!!!