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Kitchen LocalLisa Sutton, Founder/Owner

“When I founded Kitchen Local, I only wanted it to be located in Amesbury. Fast forward almost a decade later, it was the best decision! The city officials, the chamber of commerce, the local business owners, and the community at large is down to earth, welcoming, and supportive of both new and small businesses. They have all embraced not only Kitchen Local, but the specialty food and beverage businesses who choose to launch or expand at Kitchen Local.”

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Started Business In: 2013

I knew that there was a need for affordable, fully-equipped commercial kitchen space, but I didn’t expect to be viewed as a trailblazer or for Kitchen Local to be hailed as a model and critical first step toward expanding and supporting the burgeoning local food economy.

Kitchen Local provides a niche for foodpreneurs by providing permitted shared-use commercial kitchen workspace and storage as well as permitting/licensing guidance, industry connections and resources, business mentoring and marketing support.

The success of Kitchen Local is far reaching, with more than twenty-five participant food businesses calling Amesbury home and more in the pipeline to do the same.

Amesbury is a city that embraces its rich history, yet welcomes innovation. Despite that a shared-use kitchen was an unfamiliar relatively new concept in the region, city officials of all levels gave me the due diligence and opportunity to present my plan and business model and worked closely with me and my team to help Kitchen Local come to fruition.
There are many advantages of doing business in Amesbury such as its history, farms, the close-knit community, the small shops, located at the intersection of Routes 495 and 95, several airports, as well as close proximity to rivers, lakes, woods, seacoast, mountains, Portsmouth, Portland and Boston.

I have only lived here for six years and had a business here for 3 years, but I see the biggest advantage as being the people in Amesbury who I find to be down to earth, welcoming, and supportive of new businesses. They have been our cheerleaders.

Do your due diligence and your homework! If your results favor your business concept then go for it, but with both eyes wide open. Be flexible, open to continuous learning, and know when to ask for help.  Network, build your team, build your support system and build relationships. Engage the local community.

Kitchen Local has been a proud member of the Amesbury Chamber of Commerce since it opened. The chamber here is extremely supportive and engaged in its members and really the whole community. It’s like a big hug!