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After just one month with our doors open, CrossFit Amesbury (CFA) has made huge strides; not only in growing our own community, but also having an impact on Amesbury. Over 2 weekends in July, CFA hosted the Amesbury Jets in preparation for their upcoming season. Over 40 athletes from the Jets joined us for 2 Strength and Conditioning sessions at our new facility located at 21 Water Street.

This was an amazing opportunity for us to have a positive impact on the organization as well as its athletes. We took the time to educate the athletes on the importance of strength and conditioning, and also took some time to help them understand the importance of proper nutrition and hydration before, during and after their training.

We look forward to growing this partnership and helping the youth of Amesbury understand that CrossFit transcends beyond adult training and can be a very positive tool in helping all types of people become healthier, lead more active lifestyles as well as gain mental strength and clarity along the way.

We are very grateful for the opportunity to be part of this community and appreciate the warm welcome we have already received.

Yours in Fitness,

CFA Staff