Business & Breakfast: Strategies for Preventing the Toxic Workplace

Business & Breakfast: Strategies for Preventing the Toxic Workplace

September 27, 2017 @ 8:00 am – 9:00 am
Amesbury Chamber of Commerce
5 Market Square
Amesbury MA 01913
Amesbury Chamber of Commerce

Business & Breakfast

This interactive workshop is geared towards anyone with responsibility for hiring and/or managing people in their organization and will apply a combination of discussion and case studies to learn.

A toxic environment can be created by just one employee’s hostile, controlling, and/or bullying behavior, by a few employees who seem to be immune from accountability and consequence that are creating discontent, by an unprofessional manager whose unconstructiveness is spreading, or by a major disconnect between management and employees that has morphed into a lack of respect by both parties. Whatever the original source, the poor result is the same.

Retaining a well-performing workforce is paramount, because if you are caught in a never-ending recruiting cycle, you lose productivity, continuity, knowledge, and profits as you spend more time, money, and effort sourcing, screening, hiring, and training. The icing on the cake may be that your well-performing employees are hired by your competition. Even if employees stay, they are not producing their best work, because they are not feeling valued, satisfied, nor engaged.

Furthermore, if you have an environment that is causing your employees to be dissatisfied and desire to leave, your customers/clients, potential customers/clients, suppliers, and visitors will observe it and this will affect your reputation (which is your brand) and stunt your growth. This information may become known in the community, through social media, and/or on sites such as Glassdoor.com, which encourages employee reviews of their companies. Not only can this negativity turn off your customer/client base, it will also turn off potential new employees.

Prevention starts with hiring the right employees with the capability and work ethic you need for your organization’s success, properly motivating and engaging them, providing timely performance feedback, opportunities for growth, and creating a fair, consistent culture of respect and leadership.

Human Resources ROI, LLC, is a Portsmouth, NH-based consulting, outsourcing, and training firm that offers dedicated HR expertise and innovative training and development practices to help organizations grow and succeed in the Greater Seacoast New Hampshire, Southern Maine, and Northeastern Massachusetts regions.

Amy Cann is the Principal Consultant and Coach with over 20 years of Human Resources experience, five years as a current Adjunct Instructor with Southern NH University and the University of New Hampshire, and dual Senior HR Professional certification through both the Society of HR Management (SHRM) and the HR Certification Institute (HRCI). Her education includes a MBA in Global Studies, a Graduate Certificate in Human Resources Management, and a dual B.A. in Human Resources Administration and Psychology. She is also completing her Social Media Marketing Graduate Certificate in November as social media is such a powerful, growing force in both our business and personal lives.

Please contact her firm for a complimentary consultation at amy@hrroi.org, 603.978.2958, or by visiting www.hrroi.org.

Refreshments will be provided.

Business & Breakfast programs are complimentary as a benefit of membership with the Amesbury Chamber of Commerce. Space is limited, please register in advance below or by contacting the Chamber of Commerce at info@amesburychamber.com or calling 978-388-3178.


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